About Two|One Studio

TWO artists, with ONE aim: to hand-produce an evolving line of porcelain tableware, with both an eye for design and a dedication to skilled craftsmanship.  David Eichelberger and Elisa Di Feo have developed TWO | ONE Ceramics as a way to bring their sensibilities of one-of-a-kind, hand-made tableware into the arena of contemporary ceramic design.

Acting as artists, designers, makers, and technicians, David and Elisa have a uniquely broad skill set, and aim to make TWO | ONE  Ceramics a bridge between industrial design and fine craft.  Sketches lead to prototypes, then to molds, small-scale production, glaze development, firing strategies, image generation, and final finishing.  Every step of this process is done by David and Elisa, and every object is treated as unique.  

As a result of the hands-on nature of the work, TWO | ONE Ceramics makes objects that are siblings to each other, not clones.  We celebrate the subtle differences and varied results we get from our working methods, and appreciate that each individual piece is a slight variation on the themes of our line.

Our ideas begin with the important moments in our lives: shared time around the table, nourishing ourselves and renewing our spirits; the daily rituals of coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon; the beautification of our environment and the act of “making things special”.  We start with our thoughts in those places, and develop forms to augment and contribute to the experiences so important to our well-being.